David Morley
Boundary Travels

Label: Futurepast

Cat: FP003

Formats: 1x12"

Style: Techno IDM Abstract

Release Date: May 28, 2019

Country: Belgium

David Morley - Boundary Travels  | Futurepast
No one sculpts volts & frequencies into a story quite like David Morley. For Futurepast’s third release, he has delivered a precise rendering of its vision to transcend temporal associations and perceptions. In the title track Boundary Travels, he ascends quickly into a weighty melodic line that oscillates like the natural intonations of an inner monologue, built upon a foundation of tightly knit hits and bleeps. Limbo travels; the story unfolds in the infinitesimal margin where intensity becomes softness, hesitation becomes resolution, and boundaries become intersections. Sounds drift past, above, and below in Crushing Pressure as if a city, or its memory, was suddenly suspended in a black hole. Boundary Travels might be the closest we can get to such a horizon.

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