Super Nova
Planetary Invazion EP

Label: Musique Pour La Danse

Cat: MPD006

Formats: 1x12" EP Stereo

Style: Techno House Leftfield Repress

Release Date: Jan 1, 2018

Country: Switzerland

Super Nova - Planetary Invazion EP | Musique Pour La Danse
The latest release by Musique Pour La Danse is a reissue of a rare and cult record, Super Nova's Planetary Invazion EP. It is part of a 4 EP reissue series of Nate Krafft's music under several aliases (Super Nova, Naquil). Originally released by Infra in 1996, this is an off-kilter EP that should be filed under techno / electro / Detroit but that also goes beyond these categories.

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