Perfect Stranger

Label: Music From Memory

Cat: MFM034

Formats: 1x12" EP

Style: Disco Wave & Synth Leftfield

Release Date: Jan 1, 2018

Country: Netherlands

Richenel - Perfect Stranger | Music From Memory
Following on from their compilation EP of last year, Music From Memory return with another six tracks from Dutch musician Hubertus Baars aka Richenel. A somewhat illustrious figure in Dutch pop history with his flamboyant appearance, La Diferencia is a repackaged version of the original cassette release. It's a zeitgeist of the heady punk and squatter scene of Amsterdam in 1982, set against a backdrop of drugs and social unrest. It reflects a unique mix of punk aesthetics, with a synthesized bedroom funkiness. As well as having one of the more exceptional male voices to come out of the country, Richenel would go on to become a successful recording artist in the Netherlands before moving to Spain later in his career.

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