I Know You Feel It

Label: Smiling C

Cat: SC#03

Formats: 2x12" Compilation

Style: Disco African

Release Date: Jan 1, 2019

Country: US

Kumasi - I Know You Feel It | Smiling C
Kumasi was a band from 1980's South Africa. Comprised of Ray Phiri (song-writing, guitar, vocals), Jabu Sibumbe (bass), Lloyd Lelosa (keys) and Isaac Mtshali (percussion) this was a lost project from the members of SA heavyweight bands "The Cannibals" and "Stimela". They penned Kumasi somewhere in-between the transition from "The Cannibals" to "Stimela" due to being contractually unable to record music with any label besides their major, Gallo. Kumasi remained an anonymous effort until now.

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